Step 1: Enter General Project Settings

  In the General Settings step, you provide important information about your application and specify project-wide build settings.
  There are several tabs in this section:
  • Application Info
    On this tab you enter information about your application, such as name and version.
  • Java Version
    On this tab define the version requirements for the JRE that your application launchers should use as well as the detailed JRE search sequence.
  • Languages
    On this tab define the principal language as well as other languages supported by the installer.
  • Media File Options
    On this tab you enter general options regarding media file generation such as the output directory for media files and compression settings.
  • Code Signing
    On this tab you configure code signing for Windows and macOS media files.
  • Compiler Variables
    On this tab you can define compiler variables for your project.
  • Merged Projects
    On this tab you can choose other projects that should be merged into the main project.
  • Project Options
    On this tab you you can adjust options regarding your install4j project.