General Settings - Compiler Variables

  On this tab of the General Settings step you enter compiler variables for your project.

Defining compiler variables is optional and not required for a working project. For an explanation of compiler variables, please see the help topic on variables.

  The control buttons on the right allow you to modify the contents of the compiler variables list:
  •  Add variable (key INS)
    Adds a new variable. The variable name must be unique and must not be the name of a system variable.
  •  Remove variable (key DEL)
    Removes the currently selected variable.
  •  Move variable up (key ALT-UP)
    Moves the selected variable up one position in the variables list.
  •  Move variable down (key ALT-DOWN)
    Moves the selected variable down one position in the variables list.

In order to edit any column, please double-click on it.