General Settings - Code Signing

  On this tab of the General Settings step you configure code signing for Windows and macOS media files. Please read the help topic on code signing for detailed information on how code signing works in install4j.
  The code signing settings apply to all media files.

If you enable code signing for Windows media files, you either have to specify .pvk and .spc files or a single .p12 (PKCS #12) file.

If you enable code signing for macOS, you have to specify a single .p12 (PKCS #12) file. You can export the private key with Apple's keychain tool as PKCS #12 file. This will include your developer certificate. install4j will add the required certificate chain automatically.

  A build will not be possible until all required fields have been completed. If a required field is missing when starting a build, this tab will be displayed with a warning message.